S.C.A.R with Dustin Rivenbark Podcast

072. “Finding hope when all seems hopeless” with Colleen Murphy

May 28, 2021

Murphys Don’t Quit is a story of hope and resilience as one family rallies together during a tragedy.

Colleen Murphys’ daughter, Lauren, suffered severe brain damage after a tragic accident. Lauren remained in the hospital unidentified for several hours, she was not expected to survive. This story is a raw, honest account of the pitfalls and challenges a family faces while navigating life through brain injury.

Murphys Don’t Quit shows how one family combined a never-give-up attitude with faith, hope, and love. Throughout the chapters, readers see not just the highs, but the heartbreaking lows. Due to the family’s Irish wit, humor often diffuses the devastating subject matter. Through the many grueling hours of therapy and by visiting specialists all over the country, Lauren was able to find her way back to a life filled with purpose and is now a highly sought after inspirational public speaker.

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